Move or Improve

Deciding whether to move on or stay put and add value to your current home can be tough, so this weeks newsletter is all about your options …….

Currently the housing market in the UK is a little bit uncertain, which sounds dire but it isn’t such a bad thing.



  • Get a brand new home to work on.
  • Move somewhere with more space.
  • Can move to an area closer to work or school.
  • Have to pay additional costs that don’t go towards value of home.
  • Get great mortgage rates with right broker.
  • Advised you organise finances 3-6 months before mortgage application.



  • Add value to your current home.
  • Design property with your own style.
  • Current great rates for re-mortgages.
  • Re-mortgaging means you can raise capital for many different home improvements (so your dream home doesn’t have to wait).
  • Can restructure existing debts whilst re-mortgaging – this can take the sting out of additional payments and in some cases reduce or eliminate them.




nexus house build

Getting an extension can make your home feel brand new – as you now have a lot more room to play around with. It’s an ideal home improvement for growing families and on average can give you a 70% return on your investment. This means that if you spend £19,750 you could get back £14,000 as a profit. A double storey extension is more cost effective and can make a bigger difference to your home than a single storey extension. With a double storey you can re-vamp the layout downstairs and add a bedroom upstairs (an extra bedroom can also add up to 9% on to the value of your home). However even a single storey extension can have an impact on your home, add a modern twist or bring in tons more light. As well as all of the extra value added to your home and the extra interest you may get when you choose to sell in the future.



nexus cheap Leamington conservatory orangee

A well designed conservatory can be an asset to any home and can land you a 80% return on investment (however a shoddy, cheap conservatory won’t do the same!). They’re a great way to enjoy your garden all year round and can be used for almost anything. It’s important that you consider which way your garden is facing when planning your conservatory – as a north facing conservatory will be cooler throughout the year and a south facing one will be warmer. Either way we advise on heating and thick curtains to keep warm in the winter and blinds or reflective glass to keep cool in the summer.   Many people with a conservatory in the UK who have planned for year round use state that it is their favourite room in the house and they couldn’t do without it. Whether it is used as a dining room, a tea room, a study or a play room for the kids!




Installing a brand new kitchen is often the best home improvement to do alongside a home extension, as you can use the extra space to move, rearrange or enlarge your current kitchen space. As well as this a nice new kitchen can add 4-10% on to the property value. You have limitless options for style and whether you are a keen cook, an entertainer or a busy family, you can design a kitchen that suits how your lifestyle – and with your extension you could even go for an open-plan kitchen diner.



Like any of the above ideas, if so contact NEXUS free to discuss on 01926 886611 or email us on

Let NEXUS make your house more profitable.





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