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Optimising the use of electricity from wind turbines, PV arrays and hydro turbines


EMMA increases the value of over half of the output of your micro-generator by using it in the household or farm.

Nexus Building Solutions standard EMMA units match demand to the variable output from RE generators, thereby eliminating uncontrolled export that otherwise occurs. The surplus energy is diverted to immersion and/or storage heaters. Our GVS units have the added ability to regulate export to the grid with reference to standards set by the Network Operator. This enables RE generators to be grid-connected on sites that would otherwise require expensive and time consuming transformer/network upgrades.

EMMA units also reduce frequency and duration of wasteful over-voltage trip events and thereby greatly increase useful generator output on most rural sites

Nexus Building Solutions can link your PV systems to the current FIT which means you get hot water as well as free money of the utility companies.

Why use EMMA?

  • Optimise the financial return on your investment
  • Future-proof your micro-generator and home
  • Reduce overvoltage leading to
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Increased output
    • Reduced noise

Where to use EMMA

  • Any house where your micro-generator is producing more than 3000kWh per annum.
  • Put EMMA instead of thermal solar.
  • The cost is approximately 40% of a thermal solar system.
  • Use with PV, Micro-wind, Micro-Hydro
  • Grid connected – three phase or single phase