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Rain Water Harvesting

Nexus Building Solutions Rainwater systems is collected from the roof via the downpipes, filtered, stored and then used for non-potable purposes including toilets, washing machines, garden hoses, for cleaning cars and other applications. It is not suitable for baths, showers or washing dishes.

We supply below-ground tanks, which have the advantage of being unaffected by temperature extremes such as summer heat or freezing conditions. The tanks have a flat, two cylinder design that requires less excavation than other products and offers greater flexibility. They are made of durable plastic.

Sizing depends on a number of considerations such as the average amount of rainfall, the number of occupants and the size of the roof. Tanks are available in sizes 3500L to 10,000L covering a roof space size to 350m2

Rainwater harvesting plays its part in helping to achieve required levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. When level 5 comes into force, rainwater harvesting will be a prerequisite.

Rain water harvesting