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SAP Calculations

SAPIf you are building a new house or converting a building into a house or apartments you will need SAP calculations.

Nexus Building Solutions provides Accredited SAP Calculations, which on passing can be accepted by Building Control or Approved Inspectors without any further assessment.

SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) Calculations are an assessment protocol for the energy performance of new residential premises, which from the 7th April 2006 have been required for all dwellings.

SAP 2009 and the new Part L1A 2010

On 1st October 2010, new regulations for the SAP calculation come into force. While the essential concepts of the SAP remain intact, the overall effect of the 2010 SAP changes will be to set higher standards of energy efficiency in order for a pass to be obtained.

These increased standards are driven by the new Part L1A 2010 which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% over the existing 2006 Regulations, which equates to a 40% improvement over a dwelling built to the 2002 levels.

As the demands that are made of house builders and developers become more and more rigorous, you will need to focus more closely still on your energy efficiency strategies to ensure that you achieve Building Regulation Compliance.

In addition, the SAP calculation process should become less mechanical in nature, and more of a consultative one between SAP assessor, client, and design team, to ensure that the optimum design strategy is being used.

Nexus Building Solutions consultants can offer the advise as well as reports for commercial and domestic. Nexus uses the SAP calculation to advise on different design options so that you hit your energy efficiency targets without wasting money.

We also integrate our SAP work into our Code for Sustainable Homes assessment service from the outset, so that two strands are consistent with each other.

As the new Part L makes standards ever more stringent, we are well placed to guide you.

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