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Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing involves adding an extra slim-line window in addition to your existing windows. Secondary glazing is designed to keep the heat in and the noise out. You could also save around 10% on your heating bills. Our Secondary Glazing is made from strong lightweight aluminium so that the frames can be made very slim and discreet.

Perks of Secondary Glazing:

  • added security
  • reduced noise pollution
  • Low cost
  • a professional system
  • easy to install yourself
  • ideal for conservation areas
  • eliminate draughts
  • increased comfort
  • no fuss installation
  • suitable for listed buildings lower heating costs
  • increase the value of you home
  • can be installed in any situation
  • quick lead time turn around

Our range of Secondary Glazing is supplied fully assembled and factory glazed. Suitable for all types of buildings, including schools, colleges, universities, hotels, offices, grade one and two listed buildings, conservation areas commercial buildings, public areas and for the home.

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We offer

  • Horizontal Sliding & vertical secondary glazing
  • Hinded secondary glazing
  • Fixed secxondary glazing
  • Lift out secondary glazing
  • Comination units