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Nexus Finishes Garage Extension

Nexus builds a new garage extension in record time.

OFGEM Update on FIT’s

Feed-in Tariff Update Issue 1/September 2010 This newsletter is the first in a series of quarterly updates on the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, giving the latest figures for the total number of units that are now participating. It also gives statistics on the first three months of the scheme’s operation (1 April – 30 June 2010). Solar PV Tariffs 2010

2010 Awards & Honour Social Dinner

‘NexusBS’ official sponsors of ‘Khalsa Leamington Cricket Club’, NexusBS directors hands out awards for the cricket first team on ‘2010 Awards & Honour social dinner’ at Trident College, Warwick.

Charity Rugby Tournament

NexusBS make it third in the “charity rugby tournament 2010” held at the Warwickians Rugby Club – See Page 5 of Sept 10 Touchline