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Sash Repairs

Nexus specialises in a sash window renovation, restoration and repair throughout Warwickshire. It includes a draught proofing system to eliminate all the common problems associated with sash windows.

Nexus draught proofing system will make your home/workplace a warmer place by modifying your original sash windows without undermining the character and architectural design of your home. Our draft proofing products and services include:

  • Nexus can give you a quiter home by reducing noise levels
  • remove almost all draughts and dust ingress.
  • bring back the smooth sliding of sashes.
  • No more noisy windows as Nexus removes the rattling of sashes.
  • Reduces heating bills & improves energy efficiency.


Insted of replacing your sash Windows, Nexus can save you thousands by renervating and draught proofing your sash windows,  ensuring that the original character of your sash windows can be retained.  Nexus services include

  • Repair/replace Staff, parting beads and sash cords removed
  • Sash windows painting shut, Nexus can realease your Upper and lower sashes
  • windows can be re-hung to ensure easy sliding.
  • Overhall by replacing sash cords
  • Sash weights adjusted to balance for ease of sliding.
  • Get warmer by Draught proofing into both top and bottom sashes.
  • Got Loose putty, Nexus can remove and replace.
  • Fitting of new centre catch, sash lifts and sash pulls.
  • Nexus Locksmiths can give you peice of mind by installing a range of extra security options.
  • Re- paint to look new,
  • Repair/replace rotten are the windows sills and timber

Nexus also has the manufacturing facilities to make new sash & Georgian windows in soft and hard required.

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