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Window Hinges

Are your experiencing uPVC or Aluminium windows giving you a draft?   Not closing properly? Noise?

Our hinge window doctor can diagnose your drafty window problems over the phone or from a picture. 
90% of double glazed windows that feel drafty will more than likely require window hinge repair.

Here at Nexus we can replace your hinges to solve the above problems, we stock

  • Standard hinges
  • Easy Clean Hinges 
  • Egress hinges
  • Restricted hinges
  • Fire hinges
  • Side hinges
  • Top hinges
  • Commercial grade hinges.

Why spend more money replacing perfectly good frames, when all that is required is a simple, clean, affordable, time saving window bracket replacement.

At Nexus Window Doctor we can even upgrade your existing uPVC window hinges to different load bearing specifications i.e. fire escape hinges.

We aim to be your one stop shop in Warwickshire for all of your drafty window seal problems. We can restore and save you money with this very simple window hinge repair service.

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