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Glass Blocks

Nexus Windows offers block products, assistance & solutions for any nature of glass block project. Our sales staff are highly trained in the entire glass block range, both Easifix, Rods & Mortar fitting systems, Precast Easifix, Precast Concrete Wall & Floor systems, including specialist glass & fire blocks , safe wall & personalised gogoblox.

We offer the widest & most diverse range of glass blocks available in the UK, from stock. Available are over 20 patterns in varying sizes from 115x115mm to 300x300mm, with 190x190mm proving the most popular.

Different patterns offer different levels of opaqueness, the transparency guide covers this is detail.

Specialist Ranges available cover: fire resistance, sound reduction & U value ratings. Corner blocks, end blocks & double end blocks are included in the range as a solution, ideal for particular designs (when considering using these in a project, it is advised to consult Window Warm, prior to use to discuss feasibility & ensure safe installation

Click here for a guide to our Glass Block Types